Social Content Production

I've produced and managed the social content creative across twenty-two brands under the Smuckers umbrella including Folgers, Uncrustables, Hungry Jack, Natural Peanut Butters and Magdaglia de Oro and more.

This work entailed quarterly creative concepting where we planned for the production and posting of 100+ creative assets that spaned all of the Smuckers brands active social channels on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

From there we shot and edited custom content all in-house. This process was extremely scrappy and hands-on for creative as we have to concept, produce, and shoot the content ourselves. My amazon algorithm is forever ruined from all the props I bought over that year… but this scrappy process comes in handy even now when sometimes for a pitch or hot ask we have to turn around content or a quick shoot so I’m glad for the experience.