Television, Tumblr, & Interactive Game

Role:  Art Director &  Gif Designer

Cats are smart, really smart, which is why they need a smart litter. After leaking an unbranded video online of our deck-scratching felines, our smart cats were everywhere. We took the best of the online content along with some of our own and made a tumblr dedicated to smart cats everywhere. To complete the experience, we even made a game in which you could play the smartest of cats in a game of chess. Who'd have thought that a bunch of cat videos and cat gifs would do so well on the internet.


2014 Silver Addy - Digital Advertising Campaign

Adweek - The Top 20 Tumblr Ads of the Year


A Tumblr hub for the campaign The Smartest Cats in the Universe, featuring award winning GIF content.

Examples of Content on Tumblr


This Interactive game lived on and also featured in expanded digital banner units where you could play a game a chess against a smart cat.