Integrated Campaign

Oscar Mayer recently revamped every hot dog for the better by stripping out all the processed crap that was in them. As this product entered its second year in market we were charged with the task of making people aware of how "better" Oscar Mayer hot dogs had become and getting those hot dogs out into the world both physically and digitally. From TV to T-shirts, we helped tell the story of Oscar Mayer making their hot dogs even better, and getting those better hot dogs in every hand through every piece of our "For the Love of Hot Dogs" campaign.

2018 TV - Announcing the “Better Hot Dog” News


campaign decal & SWAG

We revamped the Oscar Mayer seal, and used it as our campaign seal to mark campaign content, delicious fan subissions, even our Hot Doggers (Drivers of the Wienrmobile) and Weinermobiles.

 Hot Dogger Tracksuit
 Wienermobile Decal


Social Media

We took over the @OscarMayer handle on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get the word out about our better hot dogs. We launched a contest asking users to submit their better dogs for a chance for a year supply of hot dogs. We also track all our Wienermobiles (Fun fact there are 8!) across the country and document their journey on our Instagram, showing from Alaska to Florida we are achieving the mission of getting "Better Hot Dogs in Every Hand".


Hot Dog Print

We continued the mission of Oscar Mayer's better dogs through simple, hard-working print emphasizing the new-ness of their product along with mouth-watering visuals. 


Surprise & Delight

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, we look to our fans to share photos of how they eat their Oscar Mayer better dogs. Then we shared unique, personalized response content as a thank you. The lucky winners who won a year supply of hot dogs also got swag backs and a cool thank you postcard...all delivered by a Wienermobile.