Integrated Campaign

There was one of those throw away soundbites strategist put in our brief “Oscar Mayer is in more fridges than any other brand in America” that actually sparked a simple idea on how to take on a straightforward brand anthem campaign from an unexpected perspective - literally from inside the fridge. So we created a campaign centered around this unique idea of perspective while also celebrating this houeshold name brand and the diverse range of families that enjoy making their sandwich count every day.


“Make Every Sandwich Count” :30



These very specific YouTube pre-roll placements where the initial frames of our pre-roll matched the content being watched so if you were say watching a cat video it would seem like we broke through your cat video and encourage users that even if your not making your time count (I mean this is you 73rd cat video today) you could at least make your sandwich count with Deli Fresh.

This would play in the middle of your morning makeup tutorial….

This would play in the middle of binging cat videos….



Is it even considered a campaign anymore without hardworking, RTB hitting, social?